As Californy-hatin' Granny Moses, Janye Anderson keeps up a geriatric jitterbug of hops and elbow jabs that's as funny as all get-out.
                                                                                           ~ Elaine Liner, Dallas Observer

Janye wonderful in her portrayal of Granny...and is spot on with the posture, gestures and delivery. Granny is the best. She's excellent. 
                                                                                       ~ Kim Everett, The Garland News
Janye Anderson's characterizations are more internalized but equally compelling. She demonstrates a naturalistic ease on stage that pulls focus in close. Her quiet understatement unexpectedly opens the show with a hapless Happy Hour skit and carries through her tortured Substitute Teacher scene...  
                                                                          ~ Alexandra Bonifield, Pegasus News

what the critics are saying....

Anderson slips so effortlessly into her characters, you're apt to glance twice at your program, just to make sure it's the same actress. One moment, she'll be the matron of a family of trashy losers writing a dubious Christmas letter; the next, she's a prim girls' school teacher working herself into an orgiastic frenzy.
                                                                                  ~ Arnold Wayne Jones, Dallas Voice
Pillow Talk really wouldn't work without the support of ..... Janye Anderson played Alma, Jan's tipsy housekeeper, and what a bright spot she was..... the character was wholly endearing – we didn't really care what she did as long as she came back on stage. Ms. Anderson's facial expressions were particularly entertaining, especially whilst being argumentative or rebellious which was most of the time.
                                                                      ~ Ashlea Palladino, Associate Theater Critic